Posted 1 year ago


this summer is probably not going how i planned it to go…BUT definitely an eye-opener and has me more motivated than ever. now putting this energy into something else and prayer is all i need and i’ll be good..glad that i have some things to keep me occupied..

things happen for a reason and its all starting to make sense finally. I’m learning so much the…hmmm… 3rd time around? lol :( hey.. 3rd time’s a charm :/ 

ordered this book off amazon yesterday..should get it by thursday..will be very interesting, will definitely help me get my mind right ! 

WEDNESDAY - looking forward to it, start of some life changes will be in order :) …alsoo…thinking about going out but hmm not sure if i want to be in that atmosphere but then again I control my life NOT others.

quote for the day: “Don’t stress about whats gone, CHERISH what you have, STAY excited about whats coming !!” 

& i will do just that… 

thinking about not going back to twitter for a couple months but hmm we’ll see.. 

its late .. and i have class in the morning >_<

goodnight :-*

Posted 2 years ago

real tears.

woke up emotional..

Posted 2 years ago

loving someone that doesn’t love you <

but hey it happens, gotta get over it

can’t make someone’s heart feel something that it doesn’t.. 

Posted 2 years ago